Selecting the Right Handbag for You

When men used purses it was to carry coins. When the men would go out on long journeys they were able to wear the bags rather than carry them. When women began to use purses they were used for the same thing, to carry coins.

During the Industrial Revolution larger handbags were made because people were traveling more and needed to fit things in that would not fit in the smaller coin purses. This is when the invention of luggage came about. Technically, luggage was a bigger purse with a handle or strap on the top to make for easier carrying.

As bags became popular they were used by all of the people. Young women would have to learn to embroider so that they were ready for marriage. During this time is when some of the most stunning handbags were made. Delicate handbags made with embroidery and leather were stunning and lasted a long time.

Handbags can be purchased everywhere in this day and age. Whether you want a designer bag or discount bag there is one available for you. Some used handbags to stay organized while others have handbags to compliment what they are wearing. Purses and handbags have been used for fashion and status statements by the rich for years.

Some of the best known designer handbags are made by Coach, Gucci, Kate Spade, and Lily Bloom. A Gucci handbag can cost as much as $40,000 and a Coach handbag can cost $500 or more. Many of the designer bags have literally turned into collector items.

Not everyone can afford a designer handbag. For this reason there are lookalikes that are sold and cost a lot less than the authentic purses. But, it is still possible to get a designer bag of your dreams if you are vigilant enough.

One of the best ways to purchase an authentic designer item is to search the Internet. With the Internet at our fingertips we can locate things easier than every before. If you are looking to purchase a Coach bag then your search terms could be something like “Coach handbags on sale”. This type of search will bring up all of the Coach handbags that are marked down and on sale on the Internet.

Once you have typed in the search it will be time to play detective. You will have to go through all of the sales that come up. By searching through all of the sales you will be able to locate the best bags at the best prices. Be sure that the website that you decide to purchase your Coach handbags on sale have the authentic bags.

All too many times there are sellers out there that are not selling the authentic bags. The bags may look just like the Coach you want but it is a look alike or knock off. There are ways to tell if the designer bag you want to purchase is the real deal.

In the instance of Coach bags there are a few ways to be able to tell if it is the real deal. First, check on the inside of the handbag for a label. The label will be stitched in and made of leather or patent leather. Somewhere on the inside of the bag there should be a credo patch. The stamp will look like a serial number with the last four digits being the style number of the bag or purse.

Even Coach handbags on sale will be made of the finest materials available. If the purse seems a bit too shiny or has plastic it is probably not a real bag. It does take some detective work but it will be well worth it in the end.

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